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November 16

Slim Chanse the Delightsome White Rapper

November 16

Elvis goes to visit Ray

October 7

Seymore goes to see Joe on his special day

Here is the link for hilarity! Special thanks to Max Greenburg for capturing everything so beautifully and to Joe for getting older!

May 13

TRUMP is putting on some WEIGHT Sad.

Trump is getting HUGE! Do the math, more calories going in than going out!

May 9

Get Well with a visit from The Light Knight

Occasionally customers want us to do super human things for the HEROes among us. Costume rental from Mask Events and Costumes. Really a great bunch of creative and helpful cast and in some cases adorable, Romeo! Find them here

Occasionally I get to do super human things for the HEROes among us

May 2

Today for a “Get Well” we visited someone at the hospital who is “Comfortably Numb”

No one will ever believe his story about what happened next…

April 21

The NEW GUY has your old job covered

The gang had to say goodbye to Johnny today. What better way, to make sure he knows things are OK, then to have a visit from his new replacement, Johnny 2.0! “live to ride…”

March 12

TRUMP feelin more love

March 12

TRUMP is feeling the LOVE

At this time, we didn’t think he had a chance…

September 29

New Salesman in town

Every year, this National Hotel chain has a visit from someone crazy, this year, this guy…