Singing Telegram Service in Salt Lake City, Utah Since 1995






Trust a local Singing Telegram company that has been serving the Salt Lake, Ogden, Park City, Heber and Provo Utah areas since 1995.

Choose a character you think would work best for your occasion.

Elvis and Lulu The Hula Dancing Gorilla are the most popular characters. Custom characters available too!

The Seymore The Nerd-O-Gram is a local favorite since 1989.

Call today –  801-557-SING (7464) 


Trust an experienced local to save time and money! 

Open 8:00AM-10:00PM – Call Anytime 

Call today –  801-557-SING (7464) 


Coming Soon…The man, the myth, the mustache, Tony Clifton!

I said No!


Open 8:00AM-10:00PM – Call Anytime – Leave a message