Singing Telegram Service in Salt Lake City, Utah Since 1995



Lulu the Hula Dancing Gorilla and Elvis doing “The Claw”





ACME has been serving the Salt Lake City, Ogden, Park City, and Provo Utah areas since 1995. Trust an experienced Utah local.

All comical characters sing, bring balloons, and perform a comedy monologue to honor your friend/family, co-worker.


Perfect for Birthdays, wedding/baby showers, when you want to communicate love from one person, place or group to another.

Singing Telegrams have been a timeless and traditional way of sharing loving feelings since 1400 B.C.

Choose from Elvis, Lulu The Hula Dancing Gorilla, and a Utah local favorite, Seymore The Nerd.

Custom performances available too!





Call today –  801-557-SING (7464) 

Trust an experienced local and save time and money! 

Open 8:00AM-10:00PM – Call Anytime 

You may also email your detailed inquiries, requests etc. to: singingtelegrams at

And now, here is a video of a singing telegram in action!

Special thanks to Max Greenberg for professionally filming this and making it available

Coming Soon…The man, the myth, the mustache, Tony Clifton!

I said No!